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6500 m² area, we continue
to produce with our expert staff.

Since 1994, Özbaşak Millilng Machines Industry & Commerce, Ltd.CO, with its brand Economomil, has given itself the mission of serving in this sector in Turkey and other countries with the experiences it has provided and the modern technology it uses.
Our Mission;
To meet customer demands and expectations at the highest level by continuously improving our products and service quality, to be a company that grows with the most preferred high quality production by expanding its service chain in domestic and abroad with a strong communication that prioritizes customer satisfaction.
Our Vision;
To be a leader and trustworthy and respectful in Turkey and the world through the development of our methods and field of expertise in order to increase efficiency and productivity in local and international markets.

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Özbaşak Değirmen

Witness the 25-Year Historical Development of Özbaşak Milling Machines

1994 - Establishment

Our company started its commercial activities in 1994 under the name of Başak Değirmen.

1997 - First Export

As a result of institutionalization efforts, Özbaşak Değirmen became a company in 1997 and continued its activities. Also this year, the first export was made to Azerbaijan.

1998 - Taşpınar Flour

Our company, which is active in the production of milling machines, started to produce flour in 1998 by establishing Taşpınar Flour.

2000 - Increasing Exports

Our company’s export move started with Azerbaijan in 2000 and continued with different countries, especially Russia.

2005 - Branding

Özbaşak Değirmen continues its branding activities in the sector without slowing down and since 2005, it continues to serve the whole world with EKONOMILL brand.

2019 - Feed Factory

Our company, which previously established Taşpınar Flour Factory, laid the foundation of Taşpınar Feed Factory in January 2019 and will continue its activities by opening it in the same year. Also this year, Özbaşak Değirmen will continue to grow by moving to Konya 5th Organized Industrial Zone.

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